The Intentional Career Strategies TEAM program is comprised of four components to maximize team and individual success.  These components include:

  • The Energy Leadership Index™ assessment and debrief
  • Four one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Three learner-driven modules
  • Modules are recommended to accelerate development between coaching sessions, but may be excluded at the client’s request
  • Group engagement

The TEAM program creates a common language for the group and an enhanced understanding of how they show up, collaborate, innovate and lead. It has been designed to build stronger more effective teams while enabling participants to accelerate their individual career success.

Through coaching,  participants will examine the assumptions and blocks that may be holding them back from success and focus their energy on acting with intention to overcome obstacles. During the program they will examine their current leadership and identify areas for development, develop their personal mission statement, and develop an action plan to achieve their goal.

In the wrap-up session the team reviews the overall mix of energy identified in their Energy Leadership Index™ and explores how they can maximize the strengths of the TEAM and learn from each other.

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