The Intentional Career Strategies High Potential Coaching Program creates a repeatable process for accelerating development of top talent and potential successors.  This program may be used as outlined below with the accompanying modules or without.

  • The Energy Leadership Index™ assessment and debrief of assessment results.
  • Eight one-one-one coaching sessions
  • Additional coaching sessions may be added to the base program upon request.
  • Three learner-driven modules
  • Modules are recommended to accelerate development between coaching sessions, but may be excluded at the client’s request

Participants will work independently and through coaching, to assess their current leadership and areas for development, develop their personal mission statement and develop an action plan to enhance their career success.

Throughout the coaching process, participants use the Five Essential Questions to gain clarity, define their true goal and take ownership of their professional success.

This strategy actively engages the participant in their own development. It heightens their self awareness of their impact as leaders on their teams and business partners and reinforces personal accountability for their professional success and business outcomes.

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