Anne Levinton is a Certified Professional Coach and Consultant who works with business leaders to accelerate their success. With three decades in business, learning and human resources leadership roles, Anne knows that Success is the Outcome of Intention. In other words, your personal and business success correlates directly with achieving clarity on your true goals, knowing what it will take to attain those goals, then acting with Intention to make it happen. Anne founded Intentional Career Strategies to help leaders do just that! Through coaching, she helps clients remove the blocks to success created by limiting beliefs, assumptions and interpretations and to expand their leadership energy.

Anne is a highly-respected and trusted thought partner. As the HR Vice President for eight industrial distribution, supply chain and retail business units, she supported five business presidents in the US and Canada, implementing targeted human resources and leadership development strategies tailored to each leader and his or her organization. Anne has a successful record of accomplishments in leading complex business transformation and developing strong, collaborative working relationships that facilitate change. She led HR integration activities for nine successful transactions and the divestiture of seven business units. She was the recipient of six CEO awards for outstanding business contributions.

Anne has coached mid and senior level leaders and their teams, introducing coaching strategies and assessment tools to help them define their professional goals, expand their leadership capabilities and achieve the business goals. For HD Supply, a $5B Industrial Distributor,  she led the development of “Coaching for Success” leadership training, which was conducted with the top 200 business leaders and more than 120 HR professionals. To date, 1,300 managers have completed the “Coaching for Success” module through classes, webinars and eLearning.

Anne holds a BS in Education from Hartford University. She received her coaching certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). She is a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and a Certified DISC Facilitator.

When not coaching leaders, you can find Anne volunteering with a local animal shelter and rescue organization. Not surprisingly, she spends much of her time there “coaching” shy, under-socialized cats to ready them for adoption.


Mary F

Anne has been a wonderful partner to our organization, providing excellent coaching for our Vice-President + population in the US and Canada. Her business acumen and experience enabled her to assess the challenges facing each leader and to help them find solutions to maximize their success. She learned our culture and customized her approach where appropriate to fit the needs of her clients, our leaders. The feedback and outcomes upon completion of every coaching engagement has been positive from both the individual and their manager.

In addition, Anne is easy to partner with both as a coach and as a vendor, making our working relationship smooth and a great experience.

Mike S

During a very stressful time in my work life, I found myself struggling emotionally and my home life was suffering.  Anne’s coaching helped me achieve a better work/life balance by prioritizing what was important, setting goals and learning how to achieve them, allowing me to recognize my strengths and use them to my full potential.

Diane P

I had set a goal for myself and six months later I still had not achieved it.  So I reaffirmed my goal and a year later I still hadn’t achieved it.  In fact, I wasn’t even close.  Then someone recommended that I work with Anne to help me get “unstuck” and move forward.  That’s the best advice I could have been given.

When Anne first started coaching me, I felt overwhelmed by the tasks in front of me.  I wanted to sell my house, downsize, and simply my life.  But that meant clearing out most of what had been accumulated by multiple generations over many years and was now mine through inheritance.  There was an emotional attachment to many things and an inability to “let go”.  And of course, there was the practical component that required putting a plan in place and taking action to make it happen.

Anne really understood the psychological component of this and how it was holding me back.  She helped me identify limiting beliefs and obstacles that kept me from moving forward. As my coach, Anne nudged me gently and asked just the right questions to help me discover what was blocking me.  It wasn’t long before I started to feel a real sense of excitement and even urgency about implementing my plan.  She held me accountable (in a kind and caring way) to achieve my goals.  Instead of dreading my tasks, I now looked forward to accomplishing my weekly goals with intention, and experiencing the sense of accomplishment that came with it.

It would be hard to find a more competent coach than Anne.  I benefited greatly from her many years of experience, and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve success either personally or in the corporate world.