Things Are Changing, So What?

Today, companies are in a constant state of flux – merging, divesting, reorganizing and transforming – leaving you to figure out what the impact may be on you.

I have experienced similar situations, and not surprisingly, my immediate reaction was anxiety and questions about what I would do next if my job disappeared. Sound familiar?

When this happened to me, it caused me to take a deep breath and ask myself, “if my job was eliminated, what would I want to do next?” Update my resume and look for another similar job? I considered that, but something was telling me to go deeper and take stock of what I really loved about my work.  In that moment I made a conscious, intentional decision about driving the next chapter of my career toward my passion for helping leaders succeed, and that led me to enroll in a coaching certification program.

What happened next? My job did go away, but my boss unexpectedly offered me another opportunity. When I shared my enthusiasm about coaching, she even offered to pay for the cost of my certification! Who would ever have expected that?

By getting clear on my TRUE GOAL, I ended up with the chance to pursue my passion and help my employer develop and embed a coaching culture in the organization

Consider this when you find yourself at a crossroads:

If the change occurring is out of your control, then… SO WHAT

It’s pointless to worry about what you can’t change. Worry and anxiety won’t change the situation.

Instead, ask yourself… NOW WHAT?

You can be intentional about charting a new course for your future by answering these Five Questions:

  • What Do You Want And Why?
  • What Is In The Way?
  • What Can You Do About It?
  • Why Aren’t You Doing It Now?
  • How Can You Make It Happen?

Rather than trying to answer that age-old question of where you want to be in five years, take the time to define your True Goal.

Your true goal isn’t a job title or your salary, it’s clarity about what is important to you in your life and work…what are you most proud of accomplishing and what brings you the greatest satisfaction.

Let’s get going!

It isn’t too soon to start your list right now! This is the first step in knowing What You Really Want and Why.