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Strength Whispers, Weakness Screams

You know how sometimes you hear something that you just cannot stop thinking about? When that happens to me, I write it on a sticky and place it on the window in my office until I figure out what it is trying to tell me. Not long ago this sticky made it to my window. I heard this phrase while …

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Trust and Confidence – The Super Duo for Leaders!

In life you are fortunate to have true friendships that bridge distance and career. I was honored when my friend and colleague Vicki Ryan recently asked me to write something for her blog, and it got me thinking about how important the ability to build trust and inspire confidence are in life and work. All that thinking resulted in this …

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Stress? Join the Club

Life is full of unavoidable stressors that range from petty to serious. We can’t eliminate all the events, situations or behaviors that create stress, but we absolutely own how we respond to and deal with them. For example, I’m one of those people that never left time for the unexpected on my commute. In fact, I pressed the envelope, doing …

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